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This site provides facility to download most recent (updated) files relating to Siri Guru Granth Sahib. These files used to be available on most recent versions of the Gurbani-CD-Uni.

Many Unicode fonts (on "Unicode Info/Fonts" page) have been updated in year 2021 and 2022 and many new fonts have been added. Regarding other files, this site had a significant update in Nov 2013. However, some files have been updated subsequently. "Unicode Info/Fonts" page is more frequently updated with updated fonts and new fonts.

IMORTANT NOTICE: The use of files for internet or commercial projects of the files available for downloading from this site or similar files available for downloading at other sites or from the Gurbani-CD & Gurbani-CD-Uni requires express written permission in advance from Kulbir S. Thind, MD. If files with English translation are used, permission should also be obtained from Sant Singh Khalsa, MD.

UPDATE HISTORY: (1) Many Unicode Gurmukhi fonts updated and new ones added for download in year 2021 and 2022. (2) Many other files updated in Nov 2013 to the updated MS Word format. (3) Many files updated in August 2008 and June 2008. (4) 8 more Unicode Gurmukhi fonts made available for downloading on May 26, 2006. (5) Many files updated in March 2006 to Unicode. (6) Unicode section added in January 2005. (7) 'Bani by Author' added in March 2003. (8) Files with sentence by sentence format updated in March 2003. (9) Most Gurbani Kirtan files updated in November 2002. (10) In August 2002, following important downloading links were added to the "Gurmukhi" page: (a) Sri Guru Granth Darpan by Professor sahib Singh and (b) Mahan Kosh by Kahan Singh Nabha. (11) All the files with Devanagari text are improved in April 2002. (12) A prior update from September 2001 had updated all the files with alphabetization according to the Gurmukhi alphabet and also files with Devanagari text. (13) Files regarding Gurbani Kirtan were first included in September 2001. Few other files had been updated as well. Other files remain the same since November 2000.

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NOTE :MS Word Documents made with Unicode Gurmukhi/Devanagari fonts require the use of MS Word 2003 or later. All modern computers/tablets, other smart computing devices and smart phones support Unicode fonts. For more read Unicode Fonts and Info.


This site is maintained by: Kulbir S Thind, MD